Cybersecurity shield designed to confront the challenges of today's digital landscape directly.


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Many of ROUNDBOX customers have critical infrastructure such as core banking platforms, multi-ISP connection, hybrid clouds with on-premises data centers and public cloud computing workloads working 24/7.

Our team of engineers are highly qualified to combat day-to-day and 0-day threats without any issues. Our team of NOC engineers keep an eye on your valuable assets to rest you assure that everything is working like a clock. Our team of ethical hackers can work with your security team as a blue-team or red-team, you make the choice.

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The vision behind Roundbox's SOC


Our Company

Top-Rated Partners

We work with the top leaders of the different cloud, cybersecurity, servers, and networking market.

Certifies Experts

All of our engineers are certified to provide the best service and configuration of the different solutions and appliances.

Flexible SLAs

We adjust our SLA with you depending on your needs. Whether it is 8×5, 24×7, or a different scenario we can work it out.

Thinking on going hybrid or to the public cloud?

Our sales representatives and engineering staff are prepared to take you to the next big step in IT. Contact us today and a sales representative will be with you shortly.

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